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‘Do you want to learn how to make a film? Would you like to be in a film about Sign Hi Say Hi! ? Sign Hi Say Hi! has been offered an exciting opportunity.

The University of Manchester is planning a research project filming with deaf children/young people in South Africa but they have never worked with deaf young people.They are offering our group the chance to learn film making and then be in a film about your views about your future. The film makers can learn how to work with deaf young people.

There will be two events: 11th February – learning/& making a short film. Later in year – making a longer film about your ideas about when you grow up/your future.

These events are for deaf children/YP (not siblings), aged 9 and above.

There are a limited number of places and the UoM are looking for a range of YP who use speech or BSL etc. The filming will be at the University of Manchester and maybe the UoM Museum. It is free and transport/lunch etc. will be provided. The YP will be supported by Emma from PIP and three SHSH committee members. 

The second date will be later in the year but we will check you are free. If you go to the first you need to go to the second event.

If you would like to take part, please contact Karen on 07437 335655 by Monday 23rd January. We will then let you know if there is a place or not as soon as possible. Thank you.’


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About Us

We're a group of parents and those working with deaf children who want a better deal for deaf children and their families.

We feel that it is helpful to come together to share information and meet others in the same position because by coming together we are able to give support and swap ideas.

At Fylde DCS, you'll find both deaf and hearing parents with a wealth of experience of deafness. They may have experienced some of the difficulties you may be facing. We may be able to help or, if not, we can put you in touch with others who can.

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If you would like to find out more please contact:

Karen McLeod – Secretary

07437 335655

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