Our current project which was funded by the People’s Health Trust comes to an end on the 28th February and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their support. In order to fund future projects which will enable us to provide activities for deaf children/young people we need to seek new funding.

If anyone has an employer who supports donations to charities particularly local ones can you consider putting our name forward. We have been successful in the past with both the Land Registry and the Marks and Spencer in Blackpool.

Also if anyone becomes aware of any grant funding that might be available and suitable for us to apply for could you please make a member of the Committee aware.

Sign Hi Say Hi! receives no central or local government fund and relies on attracting donations and successfully bidding for grant funding to run projects to deliver activities for deaf children/young people in the area.


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Fylde, Wyre & Blackpool DCS

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About Us

We're a group of parents and those working with deaf children who want a better deal for deaf children and their families.

We feel that it is helpful to come together to share information and meet others in the same position because by coming together we are able to give support and swap ideas.

At Fylde DCS, you'll find both deaf and hearing parents with a wealth of experience of deafness. They may have experienced some of the difficulties you may be facing. We may be able to help or, if not, we can put you in touch with others who can.

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If you would like to find out more please contact:

Karen McLeod – Secretary

07437 335655

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