CHSWG Minutes

Childrens Hearing Services Working Group
Date: 7th February 2019Time: 1.30pm
Venue: Bickerstaff House, Blackpool
Minutes by: Don McLeod

Attendees Jane Thomas (Chair – Sign Hi Say Hi!), Cathy Salisbury, Lesley Brown, Rachel Martin, D McLeod (Secretary), Sam Warburton, Sally McGlynn, Tracy Stott, Jacqueline Wilson, Vicky Gray, Louise O’Toole, Sheena Round, Angela Crawforth, Hazel Badje, Helen Connolly
Apologies Wendy Geddis, Jane Russell


1. Introductions
2. Apologies
3. Matters Arising from the minutes of the 7th October 2018
4. Presentation by Sheena Round
5. AOB

1. Introductions
J Thomas welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Sheena Round and her team.

Outstanding Action Points
Date Arising Issue Action Owner Target Date Current Status
08/10/18 – AP! J Thomas agreed to write to H Connolly the Lan-cashire Education representative.
JT Ongoing
08/10/18 – AP2 J Thomas to invite Lise Henderson and Sheena Round
JT Closed
08/10/18 – AP 3 C Salisbury to invite local SLT staff to the Sheena Round presentation

Update – presentation held today CS Closed
08/10/18 Angela Crawforth to update CHSWG on the out-come of the Radio Aid review AC Ongoing

Specialist Speech & Language Therapy

Key Points C Salisbury said that that 2 sessions had been held with Lise Henderson.5 families at-tended the first session and 4 the following session.
Jacqueline Wilson asked if Cathy could provide her with feedback regarding the ses-sions and Cathy agreed to do this.

Sheena Round Consultant SLT/Network Manager (Cheshire & Merseyside SLT Hearing Impairment Network) gave a presentation regarding the delivery of specialist SLT in Cheshire and Merseyside. Attendees felt that this was the model that Blackpool Fylde and Wyre should be aiming to achieve. It was agreed that in order to progress this that other CCGs including Blackburn & Darwen and Lancashire would need to be involved in order to meet the numbers. Hazel Badje, Cathy Salisbury and Sign HI agreed to pro-gress this.

The presentation slides are attached.

Actions Arising

Any Other Business
Key Points Audiology stated that a new smaller hearing aid would be available however, this is not compatible with FM systems. Extra clinics were being provided to reduce waiting lists with more clinics being held at Whitegate Drive. Positive feedback was received from the Patient Satisfactory Survey.
Actions Arising None

Date of Next Meeting – 11th June 2019 – 11.00am at Bickerstaff House.


Childrens Hearing Services Working Group
Date: 8th October 2018
Time: 1.30pm
Venue: Bickerstaff House, Blackpool
Minutes by: Don McLeod

Attendees J Thomas (Chair – Sign Hi Say Hi!), C Clarkson (New Born Screening Coordinator), D McLeod (SHSH), J Russell (SHSH), H Badje (NDCS), M Simey (Fulwood Audiology), A Crawforth (Blackpoool SEND), J Wilson (Blackpool SEND), T Stott (Black-pool SEND) , C Salisbury (SLT & School Nurse team)

Apologies P Thompson , Lesley Brown, Emma Walsh, Helen Connolly, Helen McCann


Points arising from previous CHSWG meeting back in March – (minutes attached)
1. Lancashire Education
2. Specialist Speech & Language Therapy
3. Radio Aids (update from Blackpool)
4. Post 16 (i) outstanding point

Terms of Reference of the CHSWG (bringing it up to date as more workable and fluid document)
Introduction by Cathy Salisbury as to the Specialist Speech & Language

Agenda items from Sign Hi Say Hi! (SHSH)

1. How are the needs of families with deaf children and YP going to be repre-sented within Fylde & Wyre i.e. Lancashire? Would need a permanent ‘Strategic planning’ agenda

2. Families and British Sign Language (BSL) – Blackpool Fylde & Wyre (BFW) strategy for addressing needs of families to learn BSL? – CHSWG?

3. Best Practice Early Intervention Consensus document (attached).

4. Nurseries /childminders: deaf aware/BSL etc? What is the provision within BFW? How do parents access current information?

5. NHS Standards re translation and interpreting within Health – how will this be disseminated across the area?

6. CHSWG leaflet? / guest speakers for CHSWG

A.O.B: – Up to date Email addresses with names and responsibilities ( obsolete now its ( now)


1. Introductions
J Thomas welcomed everyone to her first meeting as Chair and the relaunch of CHSWG.

Lancashire Education

Key Points – Lancashire education, there was no representative as unfortunately Helen Connolly was unable to make the meeting. J Russell asked how are the Education & Social Care needs of families with deaf children and young people in Fylde & Wyre going to be represented in Lancashire.

Actions Arising  – AP1 – 8/10/18. J Thomas agreed to write to H Connolly the Lancashire Education representative.

Specialist Speech & Language Therapy

Key Points C Salisbury provided the meeting with an update on the SLT provision in Blackpool Fylde and Wyre. Both Clinical Commissioning Groups had agreed to procure a service from the Cochlear Implant(CI) Centre in Manchester with the ultimate aim to train staff locally. Appointments were currently being scheduled for 12 months, with the next ses-sion to take place in December, 5 children have currently been identified to receive SLT. D McLeod asked if families could be provided with advance notice when the December session is planned as families had work commitments. The meeting felt that this was a positive step forward but that there were other options for specialist SLT within the re-gion which could cater better for children who did not have cochlear implants, particularly as a couple of the children identified were hearing aid users.
H Badje agreed to provide guidance on Specialist SLT provision to C Salisbury. J Rus-sell suggested that CCG should consider the North West Network based in Alderhey (although they offer outreach) to provide this service as opposed to only the CI Centre. Sheena Round from this group has been working with NDCS in developing this area and it was felt that a referral pathway needs to be put in place.. DM suggested that CHSWG provide some guidance/outline pathway to support the CCG and it was agreed that the next CHSWG meeting could be a workshop to draft a specialist SLT referral pathway.
It was agreed that Sheena Round be invited do a presentation to the next CHSWG on 7th February 2019. Local speech and language staff along with Lise Henderson from CI Manchester and Commissioners be invited to the next meeting.

Actions Arising A/P2 – 8/10/18 J Thomas to invite Lise Henderson and Sheena Round
A/P3 – 8/10/18 C Salisbury to invite local SLT staff
Post meeting note: An action to outline a workshop needs to be taken

Radio Aids
Key Points –  H Badje stated it was beneficial for children to have access to radio aids at home as well as school. A Crawforth stated that Blackpool were currently reviewing all Early Years equipment and its usage, the consensus of the meeting was that children should have them at all times. J Russell asked A Crawforth to feed this requirement formally in to the review group.
H Badje confirmed that 94 MPs had attended an event in July where this subject was discussed and supported. Cheshire West has taken this issue to Joint Commissioning across Health & Education and she is happy to input if needed.

Actions Arising A Crawforth to update the next CHSWG on the outcome of the review

Post 16 Transition
Key Points A gap identified through secondary education. Hazel Badjie advised that a post 14 model pathway is a priority strategy for NDCS
M Simey stated that Audiology were looking at Transition post 16 and that paediatric to adult was better.

Actions Arising None

Key Points M Simey stated that Audiology are currently doing a lot of work with IQIPS (Standards) Post meeting Note – see

M Simey said that new Phonak aids will be phased in from the New Year as Sky Q will be obsolete. There is the possibility that the service will transfer to using Oticon hear-ing aids as they are a lot smaller although they need to be reviewed to ensure the quali-ty and amplification is good. J Russell asked how would radio aids work with new aids. M Simey stated that the equipment worked with all radio aids.
S McGlynn is doing a lot of work on transition process.
Dr Ahmed has produced a paper on Auditory processing work which has been well received.
Waiting lists in Blackpool are still large because space for Audiology appointments is limited at Whitegate Drive. J Wilson asked if Blackpool families could use St Annes, M Simey stated this was an alternative if families could travel to St Annes.

Actions Arising None

New Born Screening
Key Points No updates provided due to CHSWG meeting time restraints
Actions Arising None

Teachers of the Deaf
Key Points No updates provided due to CHSWG meeting time restraints

Actions Arising None

Any Other Business
Key Points J Thomas asked how A Crawforth compiled the CHSWG Annual Report. A Crawforth stated there had been no Annual Report in last 12months. It was agreed that the main topics for this report would be agreed at a future CHSWG with input from all repre-sentatives.

D McLeod agreed to update CHSWG Terms of Reference document to be issued with meeting minutes.

J Russell asked how new NHS Guidance for Commissioners:Interpreting and Transla-tion Services in Primary Care and the NHS Accessible Information Standard will be disseminated across Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre. It was agreed to attach with CHSWG minutes. See links below:

Actions Arising None

Date of Next Meeting – 7th February 2019 – 1.30pm at Bickerstaff