Payment for Activities

The cost for activities is normally £1.00 per child taking part. Under 5’s are free.

Adults remaining at a venue whilst their child(ren) take part in an activity are not required to pay.

Adults who take part in an activity will normally have to pay the full price per person (rate Sign Hi Say Hi! pays). The only exception is where a child will be unable to take part without the support of a parent/carer when a charge of £1.00 will be made.

Adults will be required to pay £1.00 at family events such as the Christmas party where food is provided for everyone.

There will be some activities that are particularly expensive and where Sign Hi Say Hi! are charged whether or not children attend and the costs for these activities will be greater than £1.00,  but these are likely to be exceptional.

The programme will make clear the pricing policy for activities.